Belt and Road Industry Job Positions Chinese Course

·Specialized positions in industries related to Belt and Road trade, infrastructure, manufacturing, and services in Chinese ·Each course progresses from basic vocabulary to job-specific language through advanced learning.

·AI short video dialogue demonstration, combined with real-time pronunciation monitoring, provides a fun, standard, and effective learning experience.

·Combine relevant content and visuals of the job position, directly immerse in the scene to experience learning, making it easier to remember and master. ·Online platform learning, compatible with mobile phones and computers, learn Chinese anytime, anywhere

AI technology + 20 years of Chinese language education experience team
・20 years of education experience, familiar with the learning needs differences of different companies and students ・Innovative and practical three-day "core sentence pattern replacement" learning method ・Exclusive AI-generated instructional videos in digital human form, ensuring content can continuously expand and better meet individual needs.
Three-day 'core sentence pattern replacement' learning method
Master simple daily life and work expressions in 3 days and 15 hours, reaching HSK2-3 level.
Tailor-made courses for industries, professions, and positions
·The team is equipped with senior expert consultants in the field, and the courses cover various industries, professions, and positions related to the Belt and Road Initiative, with a focus on specialized Chinese language training.
·To meet the needs of corporate management, each position will learn Chinese from basic to advanced, providing advanced position responsibility management related Chinese
·Cross-cultural Chinese language and culture courses ensure communication with China
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Strong industry adaptability

Innovative sentence pattern replacement learning method,

Suitable for conversational learning in different industries.

Meeting the changing needs of businesses in different industries

Quick Mastery

Master HSK levels 2-3 within three days

Improve language proficiency

Professional support—————————

With 20 years of experience in Chinese education

Team building

Ensure that the learning content is professional and

Close to practical application

Practice and Learning Report—————————

Provide comprehensive learning support.

Allowing companies to always understand their employees

Learning situation

Learning without burden—————————

Educate in an entertaining way, learn Chinese through short videos in fragmented time, easily carry with you through online clients.

More efficient learning time