About Hanlong

As a government-approved language school, we opened in 2004 and currently have 7 branches in Shanghai. We offer Chinese and English classes for Japanese learners, as well as one-on-one and group Japanese courses for Chinese learners.

In addition to face-to-face commuting courses, we also offer online courses that can be participated in from anywhere in the world. As China's largest language school, including the Japanese school, more than 35,000 Japanese people have studied at Hanlong and signed cooperation agreements with over 200 Japanese companies. We also offer a variety of cultural courses so that you can not only learn Chinese but also experience authentic Chinese culture, deepen your understanding of lifestyle habits, and become a China expert.

        Corporate contract
Comprehensive services for language learning and cultural exchange
Chain Learning Program
Enterprise Progress Report
Since its establishment in 2004, Hanlong Cultural Center has signed contracts with over 200 businesses and corporations, providing high-quality Chinese, English, and Japanese courses. With Hanlong's original teaching materials and unique learning methods, we are able to learn languages efficiently and naturally integrate into Chinese culture, thus receiving strong support from business professionals.
In order to accurately understand the learning progress and language proficiency of employees, we will regularly report on the learning progress to the company. Individual learning reports: We will regularly report on the learning status to individuals to overcome weaknesses and further enhance expertise in specific areas.

In the pre-class level check, we will assess the learning status of each student and develop a learning plan tailored to their goals. We also provide services such as counseling related to learning.

We will provide comprehensive support.